Guests Of Honor- ‎‏Holiday Dinners For Holocaust Survivors

Guests Of Honor- ‎‏Holiday Dinners For Holocaust Survivors

Guests of Honor is an Israeli initiative that was founded in 2013 by Elad Shoshan, a social and business entrepreneur, with the goal of creating joyful and respectful events for Holocaust Survivors by organizing unique dinners in Jewish holidays. 


‎‏The Guests of Honor events purpose is to impact the survivors life by adding special experiences filled with joy and connection that create life long memories for our Guests as well as its volunteers and therefore making each holiday into a celebration of life.


‎‏Over the years Guests of Honor had the priveledge of empowering thousands of survivors in Israel and around the world to create caring and loving communities of volunteers that experience the joy of giving.


The dinners are held on four Jewish holidays: Rosh Hashana, Chanukah, Passover and Shavuot. Thus far, more than a 1,300 volunteers and 6,000 Holocaust survivors from Israel and around the world participated and were in fact the Guests of Honor.


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