Moran Alfasi

Founder & Executive Director

Moran Alfasi is a third-generation Holocaust Survivor. Her grandmother, Leah Greiner, was a Survivor who saved three girls in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, making her Moran’s very first Holocaust Hero. She started this organization after creating a self development program called ‘My Family Hero’ for teenagers. The program was started in memory of her grandmothers and as she soon found out, the powerful life lessons she learned from them could also be used to empower and inspire others to welcome acceptance and unity in their life. It’s this that spurred her to help connect other Survivors with the community, so that everyone could learn from them as much as she did growing up, while allowing each Survivor to realize their own greatness.
As director, one of Moran’s roles is to reach out and find survivors all over the world, while empowering them with the resources and tools to share their story. Additionally, she created a network of volunteers who stay in constant communication with the Survivors, many of whom are aging in place and are alone as a result. This network is called the Tribe Project and consists of groups of individuals who come together and each give a little bit of their time, adding up to make a big difference in the lives of these brave men and women. Aside from her intregral role in Holocaust Heroes Worldwide, Moran is an entrepreneur as well as a personal and professional coach. Giving back to the community and being a social activist is important to her, which is why she is proud to serve as the Chairwoman for IAC EDGE Florida, which is a network of young professionals .


Board Member

Mr. Chicly is the principal partner of Chicly Development Partners. He has been interviewed for his diverse investment strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic. He is also an active investor in the tech industry, with successful ventures such as VOGA Media, GWS, and Slide Dating. Robin graduated magna cum laude from Cornell and holds a post baccalaureate degree in biomedical science. He devotes much of his time to his non-profit endeavors, Rooted Foundation, Holocaust Heroes Worldwide and The Homeless Project. In addition to Robin's professional and charitable endeavors, he is an avid tennis player and amateur classical violinist.

Danielle Handler

Board Member

Danielle is a valued member of the Holocaust Heroes Worldwide Board. She received her BA in Spanish from Guilford College and is a Licensed Practitioner of Arvigo Abdominal Therapy. Additionally, she is a certified Clinical Herbalist who founded Violet Crown Herbals, a medicinal product line. During the last 17 years, Ms. Handler has served on the Board of Directors of several non-profits and is currently the President of the Texas-based Inside Books Project. She brings her experience working with a broad spectrum of communities and in organizing volunteers. Ms. Handler is honored to participate with HHW and believes wholeheartedly in the mission of the organization.


Survivor, Special Board Advisor

"Hatred is the cause of all evil. If we can change hatred into love, we can have a beautiful world." Born:1928, Hungary.
Irene is a Holocaust survivor and one of the children Mandela experimented with. She shared her tragic and inspiring story in a book written by her, the fifth Diamond.
After the Holocaust, Irene moved to America and created a family of her own.She served as president at BBYO and worked with soldiers worldwide. Irene participated in Steven Spielbergs Academy Award-winning film about the Holocaust and is always active for unity, against anti-Semitism, and racism of all kinds. Irene shares her story in schools, lectures and wherever she can to spread a unconditional love and acceptance message so that a holocaust never happens again.
Irene supports HHW cause and is proud to see the young generation taking initiative in that subject.


Survivor, Special Board Advisor

Sally was born in Hungary in 1926. During the first few years of the war she and her family were imprisoned in the Lodz ghetto, until they were taken to Auschwitz. On April, 14, 1945 she was released from the camps, where she was being forced to work in an ammunition factory.
Despite the pain, she was determined to rise again. Sally married her husband, who was a Holocaust survivor as well. A few years after the war ended they moved to America and adopted a daughter. In the U.S., they started a worldwide packaging and shipping business.
Throughout the years she stayed active with her fellow Survivors, spreading awareness about the Holocaust and bringing about unity as a result. She has been on the board of the Child Survivors Organization, where she shares her story and engages in numerous projects so that the world will not forget what happened. Her dream is a society in which there is no anti-Semitism, racism and separation of people due to differences.
Sally was the first Holocaust Survivor that was invited to a HHW event and since has acted as a vital link between the organization and the Survivors. Her spirit, advice and support have collectively made a sizeable impact on the organization.
"You have to avoid confrontation in any form. Differentiating religion, color, nationality, only causes war and in war, nobody wins. Allow everyone to believe in what they want to believe in. Let’s live together in peace." – Sally Dauman

Leah Greiner

Honorary Board Member Emeritus

“Know where you come from and where you are going. Go on a straight and narrow path so you won’t fall into trouble.”Born:1921-2015, Hungary IN HER MEMORY

“My grandma Leah was a woman of faith and generosity. She shared with us the atrocities of what the Nazis did, however she always made a point to tell us about the ones who wouldn’t stand by and watch what happened. The ones who took action, even though it was risky for them, they were the ones who ultimately saved her life. She gave me so much strength which has enabled me to rise up through numerous challenges and obstacles. Above all else, she taught me to love your neighbor as yourself.” - Moran Alfasi