Tribe Project


Creating a family for Holocaust Survivors.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
The Tribe Project is an initiative with the goal of easing the loneliness of Holocaust Survivors during their senior years. Through this project we will create small groups (Tribes) around each survivor (Hero), where each member takes turns giving a little bit, which ends up making a big difference in a Survivor’s life. Together as a Tribe, they will bring joy and connection to each Survivor. They will be doing this by visiting Survivors (when appropriate), driving them to community events, calling to wish them well on special occasions such as Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, birthdays and more.

In the tribe project we are making the difference for our survivors together as a tribe.

What would the tribe member do with the survivors?

The goal of the tribe is to bring social connection. The tribe members will be supporting the survivors by visiting them when appropriate, driving them to community events, call to wish Shabbat Shalom/happy holiday, celebrating birthdays and more.


What is the commitment?

One physical visit a month.
One call per month (weekly during the Coronavirus)
One Tribe Project call a month

How does it work?

Each Tribe has a Tribe Head, who communicates with the rest of the group on WhatsApp .
The Tribe decides together which members will volunteer each week based on their availability and the Survivor’s.
The process of entering the project includes an interview call with an organization professional and a Zoom call with all the rest of the members of the Tribe.
Finally, you will be asked to complete and sign the participation agreement.
* May include an online background check


“There are few Survivors left and the older and sicker we get we need someone like you to help us. Even though this is such a small organization, it is doing so much.” – Sally, Holocaust Survivor

“For as long as I remember I would volunteer in the Jewish community but this is personal to me because my grandmother was a Holocaust Survivor, so it felt good to help these Survivors because they need all the support after what they went through.” – Dalit, Volunteer.

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