Support system to bring joy and connection to Holocaust survivors.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

The tribe project is a project with the goal of easing the loneliness of Holocaust survivors in their senior years.

In this project we will create small teams around each survivor(hero), those teams will be called tribes. Their goal will be to bring connection and joy to their survivor together as a tribe. This program will be year long and through the corona virus crisis will operated by phone, and will make this situation easier for them and support everyone in keeping them safe. This time, more then ever, it’s important they know we are here with them!
We will create communication structure and support that will help the tribes meet this goal.

We all care about our survivors and we all want to bring them as much joy and connection as possible in their senior years.
How ever in our day to day live, we all have a limit to how much we can do alone.

In the tribe project we are making the difference for our survivors together as a tribe.
What would the tribe member do with the survivors?

The goal of the tribe is to bring social connection. The tribe members will be supporting the survivors by visiting them when appropriate, driving them to community events, call to wish Shabbat Shalom/happy holiday, celebrating birthdays and more.

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Join The Tribe Project

    “ The feeling of giving is wonderful and it’s so much more rewarding for us. Whatever we consider as little for them is a lot”
    Tal & Bella

    What is the commitment?

    – One physical visit amount.
    – One call a month ( may be more, during the corona virus)
    – One tribe project call a month.

    How does it work?

    Each tribe have a tribe head, and communication structure on WhatsApp .
    The tribe decided together who from the tribe members will Volunteer this week
    By the availability of the members.
    Making sure that it’s work the best for the tribe members and the survivor.

    What is the process of entering the project?

    The process will include interview call with Holocaust Heroes Worldwide.

    A zoom call of all the tribe member

    Enrolling in the participating agreement

    ** May include a online Background check

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