The Tribe Project – Connecting Survivors

The Tribe Project – Connecting Survivors

The Tribe Project gives back to our heroes, who are the Holocaust Survivors. The Project creates an individual group of volunteers (known as a Tribe) who come together to support a specific survivor, giving them an ongoing sense of stability, family and belonging. In addition to improving the overall quality of their life, these connections help support them emotionally, while bringing them joy and confidence.

Companionship & Friendship

During the Coronavirus our precious Holocaust Survivors were experiencing unprecidented times of isolation and loneliness. Thanks to our dedicated Tribe Members, they still felt connected to their new friends and community.

These Tribe members are committed to make this Survivor’s life better with socially distanced visits like this one, where they dropped off some Challah and fruit for Shabbat, in addition to necessary household supplies and some flowers to brighten their day.

A virtual visit was made possible by a physical one as a Tribe member actually helped set-up this Survivor’s account so they’d be able to have Zoom calls with their family, friends and individual Tribe.

Making A Difference – Quotes From Survivors & Their Tribes

Here are some thoughts that Tribe Members and their Survivors have shared with the impact their relationships have had in each other’s lives.

“Others should consider becoming involved in the Tribe Project because it’s a noble cause. When someone is giving without the intention of receiving, they are actually getting a lot for themselves. We who are younger should really think about how we would like to be treated in that advanced stage, and what you’d want for your grandmother and mother you’d want for yourself.” – Itay, Tribe Project Member

“I had a conversation with my survivor and I made her laugh, but all of a sudden she began crying. She told me that she was crying because it meant so much to her that someone checks up on her and keeps her company on a regular basis. That’s when I was like wow this is all worth it because I know she is never going to be alone during this time.” – Dalit, Tribe Project Member

“From the moment my Survivor picks up the phone, I say I am her friend, not a volunteer. She talks about anything and everything and I just listen, so I’m sure that makes her happy and that makes me happy. Afterwards she says to please keep calling her.” – Betty, Tribe Project Member

“I have a group of friends that are calling me almost every day. For me, they are gift from g-d.” – Bella, Holocaust Survivor

“The constant togetherness that you have and the interest they (Tribe Members) take in you, I enjoy very much. Even though this is such a small organization, it is doing so much.” – Sally, Holocaust Survivor

“They (the volunteers) are very nice people and I enjoy every minute I am with them or talking to them, because they care about people.” – Ester, Holocaust Survivor