• LAST DAY: 22-09-2018

Guests Of Honor- ‎‏Holiday Dinners For Holocaust Survivors

GUESTS OF HONOR - Holiday Dinner For Holocaust Survivers ‎‏The Guests of Honor events purpose is to impact the survivors life by adding special experiences filled with joy and connection that create life long memories for our Guests as well as its volunteers and therefore making each holiday into a celebration of life.

  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2018

Marks For Their Lives- The Good & The Bad

In this art project the survivors will document their heroism and commemorate their incredible life journeys through various marks placed on wooden panels.

  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2021

Life Lessons

A unique educational program with the goal of inspiring individuals to live by the life lessons and important messages of the Survivors. By ‘My Family Hero Global’

  • LAST DAY: 15-06-2020

Awareness & Education

Our youth are the future leaders of the world. That’s why its imperative we allow them to learn about the Holocaust first-hand from these Survivors. Our Awareness & Educational programs allow us to bring these brave men and women to schools and other venues, where they help educate the next generation about what they witnessed and learned as a result. This sends a message of unity and acceptance, so that future generations will spread this message around their communities and the world.

  • LAST DAY: 22-09-2021

Community Events

Community events allow us to integrate elements of the Holocaust into specialized programming while honoring our heroes. Activities like holiday dinners and interactive events such as painting and educational workshops, allow attendees to learn in a space that is safe, creative and diverse. These events create a sense of connection and purpose for the Survivors, while making a long-lasting impact in the community.

  • LAST DAY: 15-06-2020

The Tribe Project – Connecting Survivors

The Tribe Project gives back to our heroes, who are the Holocaust Survivors. The Project creates an individual group of volunteers (known as a Tribe) who come together to support a specific survivor, giving them an ongoing sense of stability, family and belonging. In addition to improving the overall quality of their life, these connections help support them emotionally, while bringing them joy and confidence.

  • LAST DAY: 12-18-2020

Be The Change – Empowering Individual Initatives

We support individual initiatives that educate, raise awareness and bring a sense of connection to the community with the Survivors. We provide approved individuals and organizations with live speakers, educational materials and historical records, which allows them to properly educate those in their organization, school, or community.

  • LAST DAY: 02-05-2020

Holocaust Heroes Annual Budget

Holocaust Heroes Worldwide creates programs that promote Holocaust awareness and education. In addition, we work to enrich the quality of life of Survivors from all around the world. If our youth knows the stories of what happened ... it will never happen again.